McMeekin Station

The most efficient fossil plant in SCE&G's system generates 250 megawatts of electricity by burning pulverized coal in two units. At full load, McMeekin Station can produce enough power in one hour to supply the average electric needs of 250 residential customers for one month.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Nearly $28 million was spent to install baghouses and a new stack in 1991. The baghouses remove fly ash from the boilers, which is recycled for use in concrete products. This reduces the need for disposal.
  • Separated overfire air (SOFA) technology was installed on both boilers in 2003 to reduce nitrous oxide gases (NOx). The total cost was more than $4.5 million. The boilers also have low-NOx burners, installed in the late 1990s, that reduce the amount of nitrous oxide gases even further.
  • Cooling water for the plant is supplied from the bottom of Lake Murray. This very cool water allows McMeekin to operate more efficiently, which reduces the amount of coal that must be burned. McMeekin is SCE&G’s most efficient plant. The higher the efficiency, the lower the emissions.

Plant Facts

  • Located near Columbia, S.C.
  • Generates 250 megawatts of electricity.
  • Began commercial operation in 1958.
  • Burns approximately 96 tons of coal per hour when operating at full load.
  • Pays approximately $1.9 million in property taxes annually.
  • Consistently ranks in top twenty plants for efficiency per Electric Light & Power magazine.
  • Employs 70 employees.

McMeekin Station Fact Sheet (194KB) 

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