Wateree Station

As the largest fossil plant in SCE&G's system Wateree Station generates 700 megawatts of electricity by burning pulverized coal in two identical generation units. At full load, it can produce enough energy in one hour to supply the average electric needs of 700 residential customers for one month.

SCE&G has been making environmental improvements to Wateree Station over the years as part of the company’s commitment to a cleaner environment, including:

  • Reducing nitrous oxide gas (NOx) emissions by 70 percent since 2003 through the installation of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment
  • Adding a closed cycle cooling water system in 2006 to protect wildlife and virtually eliminate the plant’s dependence on the Wateree River
  • Eliminating of 95 percent of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions and 60-90 percent of mercury emissions since 2009 through the installation of a scrubber for both units

Wateree Station Landfill

In a scrubber, limestone is mixed with water and sprayed into the coal combustion gases. The limestone captures the sulfur and “pulls” it out of the gases. In the scrubbing process, limestone and sulfur combine to form gypsum, a byproduct that will need to be stored. Gypsum is sometimes used to make wallboard, drywall or concrete. It can also be used as a soil conditioner for growing certain plants. SCE&G stores the gypsum in a state-of-the-art landfill at Wateree Station, which is the most environmentally sound disposal alternative.

Scrubber Technology Fact Sheet (159KB)
Wateree Landfill Questions & Answers (103KB)
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Plant Facts

  • Located in Eastover, S.C.
  • Generates 685 megawatts of electricity.
  • Began commercial operation in 1970.
  • Burns approximately 250 tons of coal per hour when operating at full load.
  • Pays approximately $4.7 million in property taxes annually.
  • Employs 103 employees.

Wateree Station Fact Sheet (161KB) 

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