Hydroelectric Plants
Hydroelectric facilities were among the earliest plants used to generate electricity. Rather than using steam, flowing water turns the turbines to create energy. Today, water in South Carolina cannot begin to supply all our electricity, so hydro plants are used mainly to supply electricity when demand is high.

How a Hydroelectric Plant Works

  • Water held in an upper reservoir behind a dam can be used to make electricity.
  • Water turns the turbine generator producing electricity.
  • When energy demand is low, certain types of hydroelectric plants (such as our Fairfield Pumped Storage facility) will use electricity from other generating plants to pump water back into the upper reservoir. By storing this water, it can be used again later to produce electricity when demand is high.

SCE&G Hydroelectric Plants
Plant Capacity Location
Fairfield Pumped Storage 576 MW Jenkinsville, SC
Neal Shoals Hydro 5 MW Carlisle, SC
Parr Hydro 15 MW Jenkinsville, SC
Saluda Hydro 206 MW Columbia, SC
Stevens Creek Hydro 18 MW Augusta, GA

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