Advantages of Nuclear Power
As the country gobbles up an increasing amount of electricity, the need for more generation is inevitable. Projections from SCE&G indicate a need for a large-scale power plant to serve its system by 2015. Nuclear power has distinguished itself as a viable energy source for many reasons.

  • Nuclear power is safe. Nuclear power has an outstanding safety record, thanks to a “safety first” culture and strict oversight by such organizations as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.
  • Nuclear power is efficient and reliable. Nuclear power has the highest capacity rate among all electricity sources in the country, operating more than 90 percent of the time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Nuclear power is affordable. Nuclear energy has the lowest production costs outside of hydroelectric power plants.
  • Nuclear power does not emit greenhouse gases. As the country looks for ways to reduce emissions from automobiles and various power sources, nuclear power continues to generate electricity virtually emissions-free.
  • Support for the development of nuclear power is strong and growing. A national survey conducted in August 2005 found that 76 percent of Americans living in close proximity to nuclear power plants are willing to see a new reactor built near them.
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