Emergency Classifications
Nuclear power plants in the United States classify possible emergencies based on their seriousness. These classes are listed below, beginning with the least serious.

Notification of Unusual Event
Minor events not serious enough to cause a release of radioactivity outside the plant. State and local officials are notified and the events may be reported as news.

Conditions that are affecting or could affect plant safety. Any release of radioactivity is small – well below levels that could pose a danger to the public. Support groups are put on “standby” status.

Site Area Emergency
These are actual or likely failures of plant functions needed for protection of the public. There may be a release of radioactivity at or around the plant area. Sirens will sound as a signal for area residents to tune in EAS stations. Citizens may need to take some protective actions.

General Emergency
This most serious emergency class means that a release of radioactivity is occurring or is likely to occur. Sirens will sound. Citizens should take actions given over EAS stations.
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