Newspapers, television or radio stations will report minor problems at the plant as news. Warning sirens will sound continuously for three minutes if there is a serious problem that you should know about quickly. These sirens are located in the 10 mile area around the plant.

If you hear the warning sirens, turn on your radio or television and follow the Emergency Alert System (EAS) instructions for people living in your area. Special instructions for farmers will be broadcast by the EAS stations. (See agricultural page.)

EAS Stations

WCOS – 1400 AM, 97.5 FM
WTCB – 106.7 FM
WVOC – 560 AM

WIS 10 (Channel 3 on cable)
ETV (Channel 11 on cable)

Local radio station WKDK (1240 AM) in Newberry may also carry the EAS messages.

The sirens are a signal to turn on the radio or television and listen for further instructions. They are not a signal to evacuate. They may be sounded at the request of county government for other emergencies.

Sometimes, particularly in lightning storms, one or more warning sirens may sound by accident. If you hear a siren and there are no messages on the radio or television, please call V.C. Summer Nuclear Station at 803-345-5209, 803-635-1461 or 803-276-6202.
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