Understanding Rates
Providing you with safe and reliable electricity is our top priority. Our dedicated employees work around the clock to provide your energy responsibly – while properly maintaining and improving our system, protecting the environment and meeting new federal regulations. Learn about the costs of delivering safe, reliable electricity and why it’s necessary to recover those costs.
Fuel to generate electricity Providing customers with safe & reliable service Taxes Shareholder Return Financing costs Employee salaries
Fuel to generate electricity

A direct pass-through of the costs of fuel to run power plants; SCE&G doesn’t profit from this portion of the rates

Providing customers with safe &
reliable service

Costs associated with building, maintaining, improving and operating SCE&G’s electric system


Property taxes, income taxes and other taxes

Shareholder Return

The return to shareholders whose dollars fund the capital projects necessary to build and maintain the SCE&G electric system

Financing costs

The costs and interest associated with financing investments in the SCE&G infrastructure system (power plants, lines, transformers, etc.)

Employee salaries

3,400 dedicated employees focused on providing SCE&G’s customers with safe and reliable electric service

Your monthly electric bill is based on the number of kilowatt hours of electricity that you use. Your rate is based on several cost factors.

Did you know?

Numerous programs and services exist to help you get the most out of every energy dollar, including programs to help customers.

assistance programs & agencies

online tools & in-home services

rebates and incentives

More information

How does SCE&G balance the need for safe, reliable energy with rates that are reasonable and fair?

understand the cost to serve

answers to some common questions

information about the recent
rate case

keeping your lights on (video)

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