Food Service and High-Efficiency Equipment
Save hundreds, even thousands, with incentives on commercial food service and high-efficiency equipment.

If you’re in the business of preparing, cooking, serving, storing, and/or selling food, you know that commercial food service and high-efficiency equipment is a significant source of energy and water consumption. In fact, commercial facilities with commercial kitchens typically consume nearly twice as much energy as other commercial buildings. However, investing in high-efficiency equipment can cut energy costs up to 30% without sacrificing service or quality. In addition, the same food service and high efficiency equipment found in restaurants and retail stores can also be found in many large office buildings, college campuses, and hospitals that have large kitchens and cafeterias to serve their employees, students and patients.

SCE&G offers incentives on a variety of commercial food service and high-efficiency equipment used by restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, sports and entertainment facilities, laundromats, congregations, and others.

High-Efficiency Commercial Equipment
Nearly all commercial building types can save by upgrading to high-efficiency equipment. For example, commercial kitchens consume approximately twice as much energy as other commercial buildings, therefore, restaurants that upgrade to or start new with high-efficiency equipment can reduce utility costs by 10% to 30%.

Commercial equipment, such as ice machines, is found in almost all business types, whether it is a small break room, a hotel floor or a convenience/grocery store. Additionally, restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores that invest in high-efficiency reach-in refrigerators and freezers may qualify for significant incentives. Commercial clothes washers, most often found in laundromats, hotels, and universities and colleges also qualify for incentives. SCE&G offers a range of incentives, typically based on efficiency type and size.

High-Efficiency Refrigeration Components
These are common, easy-to-install equipment upgrades that yield significant energy savings. They are especially cost-effective for restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Typical installations include anti-sweat heater controls, electronically commutated motors, LED refrigeration case lighting and controls.

Receptacle Load Controls
Vending misers and cubicle controls typically found in office spaces and schools are easy installations that bring significant energy savings.

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