Power Quality Technical Services

SCE&G is available to assist you with any power issues that your facility may experience. Our staff has the expertise and equipment required to investigate problems and to make the proper recommendations. The following provides a brief overview of the technical services SCE&G can provide.

Power Quality
The impact of voltage sags and outages in an industrial environment can be costly. An EPRI PEAC study reported that a voltage sag in a plastic extrusion or a pulp and paper plant could cost approximately $2000 per megawatt of load. SCE&G strives to maintain reliable electric service; however, there are instances when your facility will experience voltage sags or momentary outages. SCE&G will assist you in identifying the problem and recommending appropriate solutions. In many cases, power quality issues occur because of internal problems. Through our diagnostic services, we can determine if a voltage concern arises because of problems associated with wiring and grounding, improperly programmed parameters, motor starts, load fluctuations or equipment not operating within its acceptable voltage bandwidth. A solution can be as simple as changing the taps on a step-down transformer.

Load Studies
Single pieces of equipment, production lines and electrical panels can be monitored to assist you in obtaining amperage, demand, KWH consumption and operating cost in order to determine the impact on the monthly bill and evaluate rate options.

Power Factor
In addition to observing production lines, individual feeders, or sections of the facility, the entire plant can be monitored to ensure the power factor is satisfactory. Technical assistance in selecting and sizing power factor correction capacitors is available.

SCE&G can install equipment to perform a harmonics analysis of your facility. Harmonics are always monitored when studying the power factor in order to decide if filters are required with the power factor correction capacitors.

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