Heating & Cooling and Water Heating

Hot Savings with Cool Rebates!

SCE&G is offering cash-back rebates worth hundreds of dollars on purchases of high efficiency heating and cooling, and water heating equipment, and investments in energy efficiency improvements. Please see Program Overview for complete details.

Rebates for Installing a New System

Through the Heating & Cooling and Water Heating Program, SCE&G electric customers can receive cash rebates for purchasing and installing ENERGY STAR® qualified central air conditioning systems and heat pumps (air source, dual fuel and ground source) in either new or existing residences. Rebates are also available for installing non-electric resistance water heaters.

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Building a New Home?
Qualified heating and cooling and water heating equipment are also eligible for incentives when installed in new homes under construction. Rebates for these products will be paid directly to homebuilders. If you are building a new home, ask your homebuilder about installing high-efficiency equipment.

Why upgrade?

As heating and cooling equipment and water heaters age, their efficiency can decrease dramatically. Replacing older, less efficient equipment before it breaks down can save you money on utility bills and ensure your family's continued comfort. Plus, with SCE&G's rebates and current federal tax credits available for energy-efficient home improvements, there's never been a better time to upgrade!

Rebates for Improving an Existing System ($150–$300)

Many existing heating and cooling systems operate at less than their designed capacity and efficiency, which can reduce comfort and increase energy costs. In addition, leaky, poorly insulated, or inadequate duct systems can reduce equipment efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

To help address these problems, SCE&G's Heating & Cooling Efficiency Improvements Program provides cash rebates to residential electric customers who make certain improvements to their existing heating and cooling systems.

  • $150 Rebate for sealing existing ductwork
  • $150 Rebate for insulating existing ductwork
  • $300 Rebate for complete duct replacement 

Rebate for Replacing an Existing Electric Water Heater ($250)

Current SCE&G residential electric customers can receive a $250 rebate check when they replace their existing electric resistance water heater with one of six qualified options. Learn more about our cash-back rebate for upgrading your existing electric water heater.

How to Participate

Your contractor will help you complete the appropriate applications(s). Some of the information required includes service and product detail provided by the installer, so make certain to fill out the application when the work is being performed. Please see Program Overview for complete details including Terms and Conditions.

Rebate Applications:

Heating & Cooling New Equipment Application (105KB) 
Heating & Cooling Duct Sealing and Duct Insulation Application (128KB)
  Water Heater Application (103KB)

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