Gas/Electric Service and Rates
1. Where can I find current electric rates?
2. What is the Rate 6 Energy Saver Program?
3. Where can I find current gas rates?
4. What's the difference between Value Rate and Residential Service Rate?
5. How do I transfer service to a new address?
6. How do I disconnect service?
7. How do I convert my home to natural gas?
8. What is AMR and how does it work?
9. The reading on my electric meter is all 8s. Is it working properly?
Account Information/Online Support
1. How do I sign up for online account access?
2. What is an activation code and how do I get one?
3. What does it mean if I get the message "Account is already activated"?
4. I'm having trouble signing in.
5. I forgot my username.
6. I forgot my password.
7. What is a secret question?
8. What if I have an error or technical problem?
9. How do I update or change my account information?
10. How do I change the name on my account?
11. How can I add my spouse to my account?
12. How do I get information about a closed account?
13. How can I get a Letter of Credit?
14. What is JavaScript and why do I need it?
Bill Paying
1. What options do I have for paying my bill?
2. How do I pay my bills online?
3. How do I register for online billing?
4. How can I stop receiving paper bills?
5. Can I view my bills online?
6. Can you mail me a paper bill?
7. What is Budget Billing?
8. Will my monthly payments always be the same with Budget Billing?
9. What if the amount I pay with Budget Billing is less than my actual bill?
10. What’s the difference between eDraft and ePay?
11. How do I enroll in ePay/eDraft?
12. How do I change my banking information?
13. Can I pay my bill by credit card?
14. Can I make partial payments on my bill?
15. Is there a fee for paying my bill at authorized payment locations?
16. Where can I pay my SCE&G bill in person?
17. What is Electronic Check Conversion?
18. If I have a credit balance while enrolled in Budget Billing, and I do not pay my bill on time, will I still be charged a late payment fee?
Manage My Energy Costs
1. Can SCE&G help me make my home more energy efficient?
2. Is there a way to estimate my monthly energy bills?
3. Can I read my own gas or electric meter?
4. What is AMR?
5. Is there a way to analyze how I’m using energy?
6. Are there programs to help pay my energy bill?
7. What are these charges on my bill?
8. Why is my bill so high?
9. How do I contact customer service?
Safety Issues
1. Who do I call to report a gas leak?
2. Who do I call before digging or excavating?
3. Will natural gas appliances work during a power outage?
4. How do I report downed power lines?
5. How do I report a power outage?
6. How does SCE&G restore power?
7. How do I report problems with street lights?
8. What if my meter base is damaged?
9. Why does SCE&G prune the trees around power lines?
10. What is the Pipeline Safety Program?
11. What are EMFs and are they harmful?
Products and Services
1. Can I purchase gas appliances from SCE&G?
2. Where can I find energy saving tips?
3. How do I weatherize my home?
4. How can I reach SCE&G?
1. What Are Energy Tax Credits
2. How can I contribute to Project Share?
3. How can I get my company added to SCE&G’s supplier product information database?
SCE&G Website
1. I have a question or comment regarding the SCE&G Website.
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