Why is my bill so high?
When extreme conditions affect their bill amount, many customers want to know if their meter could be inaccurate. But SCE&G meters have tested to be 99.8% accurate and reliable. A number of factors can raise your energy costs, including extreme weather conditions, unusual energy usage due to aging or faulty appliances. To better understand bill variances, compare your current usage to your previous usage by reviewing your past bills. You can also find energy-saving information.

Once your online account has been registered (see “How do I sign up for online account access?”), you can sign in to your account to view up to 24 months of bills and billing history. You can even use our Energy Analyzer to compare your billing days, rates, outside temperatures with previous bills.

If you need help locating usage information on your bill, check out our Online Bill Explanation.

For additional questions, you can Contact Us.

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