Scott Buff and Kyle Ryan

Kyle Ryan & Scott Buff
Scott Buff and Kyle Ryan probably thought that Thursday, June 10 would be an ordinary day just like any other. They had no idea they would make such a profound impact on someone's life or touch the hearts of many of their co-workers.

It all started when they were on their way to Wateree Station where they work in the maintenance department. Around 6:20 a.m. as they drove along Highway 267 they saw two dogs running toward them. One of them was black and white and seemed to be running as fast as the truck.

After passing the dogs, Scott looked in the rearview mirror and in the distance he noticed an arm in the air. He immediately turned the truck around and drove back to find a young woman lying in the field. She was injured, hysterical and she begged them not to leave her side. After assuring the young lady that they weren't going anywhere, they called 911 and began to talk to her to try and calm her down. What they heard next was unreal.

Scott and Kyle learned from the woman that she'd fallen off the second story of her house when she lost her footing while trying to put a screen on a window. Much to their surprise she told them it happened around 3 p.m. the day before. Unable to get back into her house, she tried rolling out to the road to get help and had spent the whole night outside in the field with just her three dogs trying to comfort her.

Scott and Kyle also called her father. He arrived before the paramedics did and told them that he'd take it from there, thanking them for their help. He didn't want the guys to be late for work.

"I am proud to know we have good people like this in our company," said Alan McMillion, plant superintendent. "Scott and Kyle say that anyone would do the same, but I don't know if anyone else rode by and saw her or not."

"Just when I think there's absolutely no help for the guys in the maintenance department, they up and surprise me," said co-worker Sharisse Johnson, jokingly. "Not only did Scott and Ryan do the right thing by turning around and going back, they went above and beyond and should be commended for a job well done."

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