Don Fisher and Jerry Carter

Don Fisher

Jerry Carter
On a crisp and sunny December day, V.C. Summer employees Don Fisher and Jerry Carter were playing golf with some friends at Windemere Golf Club in Blythewood, S.C. Fisher had no idea that during this friendly golf game, he would have to refer to on-the-job training to help him save his co-worker's life.

"We were playing the third hole, coming off the green, when I began feeling chest pains," said Carter. "I stopped at the golf cart for a moment before going on to the fourth hole. After a moment of rest, I felt fine or so I thought."

But when coming off the green at the fourth hole, Carter's chest pains were back. At this point, he stopped and drank some water and the pains began to ease up again, but still Carter mentioned nothing to his friends. The pain in his chest continued to get worse at a steady pace for about an hour.

Once at the ninth hole, Fisher began to notice that Carter didn't seem to be feeling well. "We decided to return immediately to the parking lot and get Jerry some medical attention fast," said Fisher. "Since I was familiar with the area, I chose not to call an ambulance because we were very close to the hospital and could get there by car faster than we could by waiting for the ambulance." On the way to the hospital, Fisher stopped and got a pack of aspirin. Carter took two aspirins, which helped to keep his condition from getting worse.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Carter was having a heart attack. Fisher's quick response in recognizing the symptoms of a possible heart attack helped Carter receive immediate medical attention and there was no damage to his heart. A stint and heart catheter were put into Carter's arteries within 45 minutes of his arrival at the hospital.

Fisher and Carter said the CPR/first aid and daily safety topic reviews they receive at Summer Station played a huge role in saving Carter's life. "I was able to recognize Jerry's symptoms as a result of the continuing training on CPR, safety and other topics we have received at Summer Station," said Fisher. "The training and safety topics enabled me to make the best decisions to get Jerry the help he needed to survive."

Carter remarked, "Not too long ago, my neighbor who lived two streets down from me suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving behind his wife and children. During this ordeal, I constantly thought about my family and how I did not want to leave my wife and children behind."

Carter's wife was not familiar with the Blythewood area, and Fisher stayed with Carter's family until they were sure he had come through this ordeal okay.

Zach Taylor, supervisor of nuclear training, said "I am not surprised by Don's quick response regarding Jerry's medical emergency. Don is one of the most conscientious people I know. If I were ever in a dire situation, Don is the guy I would want to have around."

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