Joshua Riley

Joshua Riley
Last month, we met Dan Whitehouse, one of the dedicated people of SCE&G.

Dan wanted to let us know about one of his fellow SCE&G employees, Joshua Riley. Dan had the opportunity recently to talk with Joshua who is a new customer service employee. During the conversation he had with Joshua the topic of community service came up. This interested Dan since he had also been involved in a community service type project through his church. Joshua shared the following projects that he volunteers and participates in to serve those in need in our community.

One community service event that Joshua enjoys participating and actively volunteers in is called Fun Fridays. This is a program offered through Good Sheppard Lutheran church to assist parents with mentally challenged children. Joshua's grandmother got him involved in Fun Fridays and he has volunteered in this program since he moved to Columbia in January of 2009.

The Fun Fridays is held bi-monthly on Friday evenings in the church fellowship hall. Most of the participants in this program are people that are affected by Down Syndrome. The age range of the participants is from thirteen through fifty years of age. The program lasts about three hours and gives parents a chance for a break with the knowledge that their child is in good hands. The evening usually starts off with a pizza dinner and the children participate in games, crafts, sing-alongs, dancing, prayer, and various activities suitable for all ages.

Joshua states "Fun Fridays is a wonderful time for fellowship and is at a minimal cost (the price of supplies) and is strictly a volunteer event." Joshua is the youngest volunteer and is usually in charge of dancing and also serves as an aid with the crafts. He states, "I am no artist and my artwork is far from the best produced at the event but we encourage everyone to try their hardest and participate for that is what matters the most."

Another community service agency that Joshua participates in through his church (Shandon Baptist) is Harvest Hope Food Bank. Joshua belongs to a twenty something's group at his church and along with the entire church, participates in different events ranging from donation collection to distribution of the food to those less fortunate. Joshua stated "most recently a group of us from Shandon Baptist Church drove to Lugoff, SC to assist an agency at a local church in handing out food and toiletries to families in need. We started off by bagging beans and sugar, making up boxes full of canned foods and dry foods, distributed various meats, and helped in the organization of the event to get the food to the customers. We did receive both food and financial contributions from the local Columbia community."

"Events such as these are very rewarding to me and help me to be mindful of how truly fortunate I really am. This has helped develop me into the person I am today as well as open my eyes to the world around me making me realize the difference we can make by working together." Kudos Joshua on getting out there and serving the needs of others in our community! You truly demonstrate one of SCANA corporate values, serving our community. Keep up the good work.

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