Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher
At SCANA, employees have all seen the posters, heard the ads and probably even visited the company intranet site, but for Richard Fletcher, a SCANA representative for economic development and local government, United Way has taken on a whole new meaning. After years of supporting the SCANA United Way Campaign, Fletcher and his wife, Sherri, decided they wanted to do something more. So they called United Way and asked how they could volunteer their time. Through this contact they were put in touch with the Columbia Homeless Shelter and now volunteer there once a week.

"We volunteer in the kitchen," stated Fletcher. "We serve the residents coffee, a cold meat sandwich, a bag of chips and hopefully a cookie or doughnut." But no matter how much or little the shelter is able to offer at mealtime, Fletcher is surprised by how universally grateful the residents are for the small acts of generosity.

What else surprises Fletcher about the people he and his wife have helped at the shelter? "It has been remarkable to us that so many of these folks have jobs in our community, but still can't seem to find a place of their own," he stated.

One resident who has really made an impact on the Fletchers is a quiet young man they've known for about a year. He recently showed them a cartoon he drew. In the cartoon, a homeless man asks a judge in a courtroom if jail has beds to sleep on and food to eat. The judge says it does, and the homeless man replies that although he didn't commit a crime, he'd confess to one if he could go to jail.

"It's people like this who epitomize why we continue to volunteer," said Fletcher. "We are very fortunate to see our United Way contributions making a positive difference in other peoples' lives."

SCANA and its employees support United Way agencies In South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. United, we serve by giving our time and money to help make the communities where we live and work better.

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