Area kids give gift to Mother Nature through special Mother’s Day cards

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May 2, 2005 - Columbia, SC - It's a special moment for moms everywhere – receiving a Mother’s Day card with a message in her child’s careful handwriting, "Thank you for being my mom." This year, the mothers of nearly 5,000 first graders in South Carolina will find their cards contain a little gift that can be passed on to Mother Nature courtesy of South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.

SCE&G linemen will visit 35 elementary schools in the Midlands and the Grand Strand this week to deliver specially made Mother's Day cards. The cards feature a detachable flower made of recycled paper and embedded with wildflower seeds. Parent and child can plant the paper flower outdoors and watch the wildflowers grow.

The plantable Mother's Day cards are part of an SCE&G initiative to promote environmental stewardship. A short message on the back of each card gives instructions for growing a beautiful array of flowers by summer's end and reminds customers of the environmental benefits of switching to paperless utility billing. It reads:

Give back to Mother Earth by going paperless.
Save time and the environment by paying your bill online.
The trees you save will continue to grow – just like this flower!
Simply plant it under a thin layer of soil, water thoroughly and watch it grow.

"We felt it was most appropriate to offer these special cards to first graders, since they already have scheduled lesson plans focusing on plants and living objects," said Norvell Pettus, manager of SCE&G's education outreach programs. "The cards provide a fun and unique way to educate children and parents about the importance of protecting our environment through recycling and waste reduction."

Nearly 5 percent of SCE&G customers are paperless customers, choosing to receive and pay their electric and gas bills electronically through online account management. Pettus said the environmental benefits of paperless transactions are significant.

"If just 25 percent of our customers converted to paperless billing, we could save more than four tons of paper each month," she said. "That equates to more than 700 trees per year."

For more information about the benefits of paperless billing, visit

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