SCE&G Sends Help to Those Impacted by Hurricane Katrina
Media Contacts:
Eric Boomhower
(803) 217-7701  

September 2, 2005, Columbia, SC - Approximately 100 SCE&G employees departed today to assist with storm recovery efforts in areas of southeast Mississippi impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Along with line workers and technicians, the team includes support personnel who handle everything from security to meals to vehicle maintenance and refueling. The team is providing assistance to Mississippi Power, and is expected to be gone for up to two weeks. At that point, team members would be relieved by fresh crews.

While Hurricane Katrina has impacted the cost of natural gas and supply availability, SCE&G currently has adequate natural gas supplies for its residential customers. Fortunately, this is a low-usage time for natural gas in our area and our hope is the supply and pricing issues will be addressed well before heating season. The industry should have a better assessment of supply issues and impacts next week. At that point, we'll be able to evaluate our long-term prospects.

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