Agreement to lessen the impact of natural gas costs for SCE&G customers
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Oct. 20, 2005, Columbia, SC - With wholesale natural gas prices at unprecedented levels, SCE&G has agreed to defer for one year the recovery of more than $14 million in under-collected expenses incurred in purchasing natural gas for customers over the past 12 months. Normally, those costs are passed on in full directly to customers through an annual "purchased gas adjustment" to customer rates.

This agreement, which is part of a settlement with the Office of Regulatory Staff and the South Carolina Energy Users Committee, reduces the requested adjustment originally sought by the company in the residential cost of gas by approximately 21 percent, or 11 cents per therm. It also stipulates that the cost-of-gas factor for the period beginning Nov. 1, 2005 will be based on the 24-month average of forecasted natural gas costs rather than the 12-month forecast period typically used in PGA proceedings. While this change lowers the cost-of-gas factor, which benefits customers, it is projected to increase the under-collection of gas supply costs during the forecast period by approximately $7 million.

To help ensure the under-collection does not exceed that mark by the end of the forecast period, the agreement will allow SCE&G to adjust its cost-of-gas factor on a monthly basis beginning in December 2005.

"We believe spreading the required increase over the longer period will allow us to take advantage of a projected softening in gas prices a year from now," said Marty Phalen, SCE&G vice president of gas operations. "While this is a departure from current PGA practice, we feel it is in the best interests of our customers to make the exception given the current volatility in the natural gas market.

"It's important for our customers to understand that as part of our effort to reduce the overall impact of this PGA, the cost-of-gas factor on their bills will now change on a monthly basis to keep pace with current changes to the wholesale natural gas market," said Phalen.

Based on the proposed purchased gas component, a residential customer using 100 therms of natural gas per month in the winter would pay $175.68.

With PSC approval, terms of the settlement agreement will be in effect beginning next month.

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