SCE&G's Third-Party Notification Could Help Customers this Winter
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Nov. 22, 2005, Columbia, SC - With colder weather expected in the weeks and months ahead, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. (SCE&G) is encouraging customers to take advantage of a third-party notification program the company has available in the event they receive a past-due disconnect notice.

The third-party notification process allows customers to provide the name and address of another individual –a family member, friend or neighbor – who can be notified by mail, along with the customer, when an account becomes delinquent. SCE&G began offering the service last winter.

"It's no secret that energy costs are up across the country and this is particularly true for those customers who rely on natural gas to heat their homes," said SCE&G President Neville Lorick. "If weather is colder than normal this winter, our customers could face significantly higher bills than they did a year ago.

"Our third party notification is really a safety net for those customers in jeopardy of having their service disconnected. It's a mechanism that ensures they're aware of their situation, especially during periods of extreme weather conditions."

Lorick said the service can be especially valuable for people with elderly parents who are SCE&G customers, or for parents of college students who are taking on bill-paying responsibilities for the first time.

Customers interested in requesting the third party notification service can call SCE&G customer service at (800) 251-7234. Adding third-party information requires the consent of the account holder (customer), or someone with proof of Power of Attorney on behalf of the customer. Also, for online tips on how to make your home more energy efficient, visit

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