SCE&G to Perform Controlled Vapor Burn-off at Columbia Propane Plant
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April 11, 2006, Columbia, SC - As part of the retirement of its propane-air facility on Lucius Road near downtown Columbia, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. will be performing a controlled burn-off of propane vapor, beginning Wednesday, April 12, and lasting about two weeks.

"It's a slow, controlled procedure that's standard business practice in the propane industry when work has to be done on a tank – in this case removal," said Stuckey Stoudemire, general manager of gas operations. "Though it poses no risk to nearby residents, propane vapor burn-offs typically feature visible flames and a distinct noise."

Stoudemire added that SCE&G is coordinating with local fire and emergency response personnel as part of the process.

In service since the early 1970s, the plant, which supplemented SCE&G's natural gas supply, was officially closed in January. SCE&G injected 1.6 million gallons of liquid propane stored at the plant into its natural gas supply at the beginning of the year. The leftover vapor is unusable, but must be burned off prior to the dismantling and removal of 36 60,000 gallon tanks at the site.

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