SCE&G Rolls Out New Saluda Plant Operations Web Page
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (Jan. 23, 2007) –
Fishermen, kayakers and other recreational users of the lower Saluda River will now be able to use the Internet to get information on how operations at SCE&G’s Saluda Hydroelectric Plant will impact river flow.

SCE&G has recently unveiled a new page on its Web site,, which provides information on current and planned operations of the Saluda Hydroelectric Plant and potential impacts on the lower Saluda River. The page, listed under the “My Community” link, will provide, as nearly as possible, real-time flow conditions on the river as well as links to helpful resources from the U.S. Geological Survey, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and American Whitewater.

“The lower Saluda River and its surroundings are increasingly used for recreation,” said Jim Landreth, vice president of Fossil and Hydro Operations for SCE&G. “We continually look for ways to improve the quality and timeliness of information that people may consider as they plan their outings. This Web site will be a great tool for people to increase their safety awareness and enhance their recreational experience.”

Landreth cautions that the Web site should not be used as the single source of information on river flows. “While the Web site provides information on planned operations, it does not have the capability of capturing unplanned operations ahead of time, and there always will be time lag between emergency events and their reflection on the Web site.

“Emergency operations of the plant can and do happen at any time, and users of the river must be aware of this,” continued Landreth. “There are sirens and flashing lights at some of the more highly utilized areas to help address those circumstances. We urge the public to use common sense and pay attention to rising water as well as sirens and alarms.”

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