SCE&G offers safety tips for winter weather

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CAYCE, S.C. (Jan. 10, 2011 - 11:00 a.m.)
– Much of SCE&G’s service territory is being impacted by snow and ice. Winter weather can create dangerous and challenging situations, and South Carolina Electric & Gas offers the following recommendations to help you and your family stay safe.

During a winter storm, ice can cause tree limbs and entire trees to break and fall, sometimes taking power lines and even meter boxes down with them. Always assume any downed power line you see is live and stay away.

Should the power go out while you are cooking dinner, remember to turn off the stove and remove any cookware from the cooking surface and oven.

It's sometimes hard to resist the urge to supplement a heating system lost during an outage, but household items such as cooking stoves or ovens and outdoor grills should never be used for heat. If you use a fireplace for heat, be sure to extinguish any flames before going to bed.

Supplemental heaters and generators designed for home use should be used with extreme caution, paying close attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

To report a power outage, call 1-888-333-4465, or you can report and check the status of your power outage online from your internet-ready cell phone. Just use your mobile device to visit and click on storm center.

SCE&G’s storm center, provides information and links to help customers prepare for and deal with inclement weather and related power outages – information about how to report power outages and our process for restoring service to our customers, as well as important safety tips.

Customers can also get up-to-the-hour updates on outages by following the company on Twitter at scegnews and scegstorm.

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