SCE&G and the City of Charleston Fire Department Unveil Lowcountry’s Only Natural Gas Training Facility
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (June 6, 2011) – South Carolina Electric & Gas and the City of Charleston Fire Department will hold a demonstration tomorrow, June 7, 2011, at 11:30 a.m. at the City of Charleston Training Facility located at 2156 Milford St. The demonstration will be a unique visual of what firefighters encounter while fighting a gas fire.

SCE&G worked with the City of Charleston Fire Department to provide advanced specialized gas structures, also called "props," at its training facility.

SCE&G installed the fuel lines for each training prop and constructed the burners. The first prop is a propane storage tank. The second is a water basin designed to simulate a rolling fire on water. The third prop, which will be installed at a later date, will help replicate a vehicle fire.

"Fighting a gas fire requires a different technique," said Cedric Green, Southern Division manager for SCE&G gas operations. "This in-house, hands-on training will help our local firefighters learn how to respond to different emergency scenarios. In addition, it will help them obtain and maintain their firefighting certification locally without having to travel to Columbia’s Monticello Road facility for this specialized instruction. We are glad to partner with them as they seek to train in a way that will help them save lives and protect property."

SCE&G is the natural gas provider for the City of Charleston – both residential and commercial. “This training facility is important to us because the firefighters are actually training on a fuel that could impact them on a daily basis,” Green said. "SCE&G gas operations employees are all first responders, just like the City of Charleston Fire Department. When we respond, our primary focus is safety. We have that in common," he said.

The new props help the firefighters train on real-life scenarios. "We are so glad to have formed this relationship with SCE&G, and we look forward to a continued partnership to help our citizens stay safe," said Chief Mark Davis, training chief for the City of Charleston Fire Department. "Responding to gas emergencies requires an understanding of the characteristics of the product. Therefore, we use these props to ensure we are trained efficiently and safely," Chief Davis said.
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