Penn Center showcases the history and preservation of the unique Gullah culture through interpretive and educational programs, such as the York W. Bailey Museum and the Gullah Studies Summer Institute.

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One of the country's first schools for freed slaves and one of the most significant African American historical and cultural institutions in existence today, the Penn Center Inc. is located on St. Helena Island, 30 miles from Hilton Head in Beaufort County. Penn Center sits at the heart of Gullah culture, on 50 acres of the historical campus of the former Penn School. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1974, it is a part of the Penn School Historic District.

The Penn Center's mission is to promote and preserve the history and culture of the Sea Islands, serving as a local, national and international resource center and acting as a catalyst for the development of programs for self-sufficiency.

SCE&G is a regular sponsor of the Annual Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration, held every second weekend in November to celebrate and showcase the unique cultural heritage of the Gullah people of the Sea Islands.