It’s after school and a group of students stand outside Claude A. Taylor Elementary School and there’s a whole lot of shaking going on. The students are shaking a bag of ice that contains a smaller bag with a mixture of milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring in it — they’re making ice cream and learning at the same time.

“Science is my favorite subject,” says Jeryn Davis, a fifth grader at Claude A. Taylor Elementary School as he shakes his bag. “I like doing the experiments.” Experiments like this one are an important part of the Homework Centers. In addition to enjoying a tasty treat, the students learned about measurements, used fractions to convert the ingredients of the recipe and experienced the different states of matter, as the ice cream went from a liquid to a solid.

Jeryn Davis at Homework Centers Jeryn Davis at Homework Centers Jeryn Davis at Homework Centers Jeryn Davis at Homework Centers

Homework plays an important role in children’s learning experience. To get the most out of it, they need a study environment that’s safe, free of distractions and offers access to resources and other forms of assistance. That’s why SCE&G helped to develop Homework Centers and provides support for them at schools throughout its service territory.

“A lot of our children are latchkey kids,” said Shavawn Davis, a fourth grade teacher at Taylor and lead teacher of the homework center. “This program gives the students an opportunity to get their homework done, get any help that they may need and do it in a safe environment. And then when they go home they can spend time with their families doing other things.”

Jeryn, who has attended the center since third grade, agrees “I like getting my homework done before I get home. It gives me more time to play sports and video games.”