At SCE&G, doing what is right extends to the land and waterways, too. Regular cleanups along waterways and roadways are necessary thanks to a common source of pollution – litter – that threatens the safety, health and beauty of the environment. To address the issue, SCE&G helped Keep the Midlands Beautiful successfully launch an Adopt-A-Waterway program targeting 51 water-based litter areas in Richland and Lexington counties.

Adopt-A-Waterway - Picking up trash Adopt-A-Waterway - SCE&G and Adopt-A-Waterway Volunteers Adopt-A-Waterway - SCE&G and Adopt-A-Waterway Trash Removed from Site Adopt-A-Waterway - SCE&G and Adopt-A-Waterway T-shirt

Since the program’s inception in 2008, more than 25 groups have signed up to participate in cleanup efforts, and thousands of pounds of waste have been removed from South Carolina’s waterways. SCE&G continues to sponsor the program and participate in cleanups of three Midlands waterways twice yearly. During each cleanup, SCE&G volunteers pick up approximately 30-40 bags of litter.

SCE&G also participates in Adopt-A-Highway by adopting sections of road and removing litter from those segments at least four times a year. Sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Transportation and coordinated by Keep the Midlands Beautiful, Adopt-A-Highway enables businesses, schools and civic groups to take part in preserving and maintaining streets throughout the Midlands.