SCE&G is committed to helping protect wildlife and preserve their habitats. To protect numerous bird species, including the American bald eagle and osprey, SCE&G has established a Raptor Protection Program to help minimize the dangers posed to birds by power lines.

The program identifies high-risk poles and nesting sites, tracks incidents and provides measures to make sure the birds are protected.

Owl Birds of Prey Educator Bald Eagle

To help protect ospreys that use transmission and distribution poles to build their nests, SCE&G erects numerous platforms on existing structures or adjacent poles. The platforms and structures help keep the lines free from debris and provide a safe place for the birds to nest. The nests can weigh up to one and a half tons.

SCE&G also supports the Charleston, S.C.-based Center for Birds of Prey. The organization’s avian medical clinic provides the most advanced care for injured or orphaned birds of prey and wading birds to ensure a high probability of release. The center also provides hands-on educational programs regarding the birds and their significance in ecosystem protection and is involved in captive breeding, research and field studies.