SCANA recognizes the environment is a precious and fragile resource, and we accept our social responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects it. While we are committed to our mission to provide energy and related products to retail markets in the Southeast, it is also our pledge to do so in an environmentally sensitive manner.

SCANA is committed to:

  • Utilizing innovation and cost-effective technology to minimize waste and improve the quality of our air emissions and water discharges;
  • Supporting projects that foster stewardship of natural resources;
  • Meeting all local, state and federal environmental laws, regulations and other requirements;
  • Training employees on general environmental awareness and environmental aspects of their work;
  • Establishing objectives and targets to improve environmental performance;
  • Continually seeking improvements to processes, procedures and systems to manage environmental impacts; and
  • Enhancing open communication with stakeholders to build respect and trust for SCANA.

Therefore, we value:

  • Preventing pollution
  • Respecting the environment
  • Observing environmental laws and regulations
  • Training employees
  • Establishing environmental objectives and targets
  • Continually improving environmental management
  • Transparent communication