Each day more than 445,000 people in South Carolina go hungry. Tough economic times and the rise of unemployment in South Carolina have led to an increase in individuals and families who find themselves in financial disarray. Often this means having to chose between paying rent, buying medicine or purchasing food.

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SCE&G has supported Harvest Hope and its mission, to provide for the needs of hungry people by gathering and sharing quality food, for more than a decade. From food drives, to collecting plastic bags, to volunteering at the food bank, SCE&G employees have given of their time and money to aid the fight against hunger.

Stacy Shuler, vice president of operations support, is one of those employees. He has served on the Harvest Hope board of directors for the past five years.

“When you think about living in the United States, the most powerful country in the world, you don’t think about hunger,” said Shuler. “You associate the face of hunger with third world countries. But when you find out that there are so many people in the U.S. and even here in South Carolina who need food, you can’t help but get involved with this organization.”