Although one of South Carolina’s most interesting and beautiful destinations – the 425+ mile Palmetto Trail – is relatively new, its passages are steeped in history and provide a peek into the past while weaving through the small towns and large cities of the state.

Palmetto Trail Palmetto Trail Palmetto Trail Palmetto Trail

One of the most popular parts of the trail – the Peak to Prosperity passage – is located near SCE&G’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Station and provides ample areas for parking, camping and picnics.

Approximately 300 miles of the 425+ mile Palmetto Trail are open, and SCE&G employees, including Furman Miller, and retirees have played a key role in rebuilding existing trestles and constructing new bridges to help build the trail. Once finished, the trail will run from the mountains to the sea as one of only 16 cross-state trails in the United States.

SCE&G also provided funding for the completion of a 580-foot trestle located along Broad River Road near Peak. Known as the SCE&G trestle, the path is fully accessible for those who hike or bike along the trail and will be maintained through the company’s sponsorship of the Palmetto Trail. What’s more, SCE&G continues to support the Palmetto Trail through sponsorships of programs like Art on the Trail, a statewide series of environmental art installations along the Palmetto Trail and other trails that celebrate outdoor creativity throughout South Carolina.