Safety City
This video is part of corporate safety and health's classroom presentation for fourth grade students. Learn more.

Safety City Booklet Answer Key (3.7MB)

SCE&G offers a public safety education program called Safety City for families, schools, youth groups, adult groups, contractors, emergency personnel and other organizations. Safety City effectively emphasizes the importance of public awareness when it comes to injury-related incidents that could result from improper contact with electricity and natural gas.

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Safety City Objectives
  • Educate customers on how to recognize potentially hazardous electric and natural gas situations and the how to take appropriate actions.
  • Educate customers on the proper use of electric energy products.
  • Build a closer relationship with our customers.

Target Audiences  
  • Fourth-grade students in our electric service territory (Presentations to other grade levels by request only). Correlates to the SC Science Standards unit on "Properties of Light and Electricity".
  • Civic/Community Groups - Rotary, Civitan, boating clubs, hunting clubs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, etc.
  • Contractor/Construction companies
  • First Responders - firemen, police, emergency medical technicians.

Safety City Videos

Call Before You Dig
  56k | 100K | 300k  (Windows Media Video)
Downed Power Lines
  56k | 100K | 300k  (Windows Media Video)
Insulated Wires
  56k | 100K | 300k  (Windows Media Video)
  56k | 100K | 300k  (Windows Media Video)
Padmounted Transformers
  56k | 100K | 300k  (Windows Media Video)
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