Better with Natural Gas

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Efficient, reliable, clean – natural gas is the smart energy choice for your home. It’s not just about comfort anymore. Natural gas appliances are more energy efficient, more cost-effective to operate, last longer and require less maintenance. And, natural gas is one of the most environmentally-friendly energy sources available.

It gets better! In a special report on price differential of gas versus electric homes conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, homes with natural gas sold for six percent more than the average electric home. So, be sure to ask for natural gas for your home or business. You can check for natural gas availability right here and be on your way. Rebates and incentives may be available.

When it comes to energy services, SCE&G wants you to have it your way. We offer a variety of rate plans.

Earn Bill Credit when You Convert to Natural Gas
You can earn bill credits on your natural gas bill when you convert to the following natural gas appliances:

Convert to: Bill Credit
Natural Gas Furnace $200
Natural Gas Water Heater (Tank or Tankless) $200
Natural Gas Cooktop $50
Natural Gas Logs $50

(Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing bill credits)

Customer Rebate Form (PDF, 96KB)

For additional information, including qualifications and limitations, call Customer Service at 1-800-251-7234.

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