All Electric Rates

SCE&G offers a variety of electric rate plans to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Consolidated Listing of all SCE&G electric rates (138KB)
Electric Rates
Rate 1 - Good Cents Residential Service (10KB)
Rate 2 - Low Use Residential Service  (9KB)
Rate 3 - Municipal Power Service (7KB)
Rate 5 - Time-of-Use Residential Service (9KB)
Rate 6 - Energy Saver/Conservation Residential Service (15KB)
Rate 7 - Time-of-Use Demand Service (9KB)
Rate 8 - Residential Service (7KB)
Rate 9 - General Service (9KB)
Rate 10 - Small Construction Service (6KB)
Rate 11 - Irrigation Service (8KB)
Rate 12 - Church Service (7KB)
Rate 13 - Municipal Lighting Service (7KB)
Rate 14 - Farm Service (7KB)
Rate 15 - Supplementary & Standby Service (9KB)
Rate 16 - Time-of-Use General Service (8KB)
Rate 17 - Municipal Street Lighting (13KB)
Rate 18 - Underground Street Lighting (10KB)
Rate 20 - Medium General Service (7KB)
Rate 21 - General Service Time-of-Use Service (10KB)
Rate 21A - General Service Time-of-Use Demand - Experimental (16KB)
Rate 22 - School Service (7KB)
Rate 23 - Industrial Power Service (10KB)
Rate 24 - Time-of-Use Large General Service (19KB)
Rate 25 - Overhead Floodlighting Service (7KB)
Rate 26 - Overhead Private Street Lighting (7KB)
Rate 28 - Small General Service Time-of-Use Demand - Experimental (17KB)
Residential Subdivision Street Lighting (18KB)
Adjustment for Fuel and Variable Environmental Costs (9KB)
Electric Cogeneration and Standby Rates
Rate PR-1 - Small Power Production, Cogeneration (14KB)
Demand Side Management Component (16KB)
Rider to Rates 20 & 23 (Cool Thermal Storage) (10KB)
Rider to Rates 23 & 24 (Interruptible Service) (20KB)
Rider to Residential Rates and Time-of-Use Demand Rate 28 (Experimental) (16KB)
Rider to Rate PR-1 (Experimental) (17KB)
PaCE Rider (15KB)
Pension Cost Component (7KB)


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