Tree Trimming
To ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to our customers, our on-staff foresters work with professional line clearing companies to trim and remove trees and brush near our facilities. At SCE&G, we trim according to the industry-consensus standard known as ANSI A300. This standard, created in accordance with the American National Standards Institute, is often used to direct future tree growth away from power lines by trimming limbs that are growing toward the wire while leaving the remaining limbs. This standard was created through a consensus of representatives from the residential and commercial tree care industry, the utility, municipal and federal sectors, the landscape and nursery industries and other interested organizations.

Compared to previously used methods, ANSI A300 trimming may appear more drastic, particularly the first time it is used. In the long run, the trees are healthier because cuts will callus more quickly, thereby reducing decay and allowing for future trimming that may be less noticeable.

When planting a tree, we ask that our customers pick a species that is best suited to the location and purpose. Special consideration should be given to the tree’s future effect on electrical lines and other utilities.

SCE&G believes that with an effective tree-trimming program, service interruptions to our customers will be much less likely when a storm passes through our territory.
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