Why Choose Natural Gas

Your home is the place for casual, comfortable occasions, and those moments are even better with natural gas. Not only does natural gas provide for easier, more precise cooking, it warms everything from a roaring fireplace to a hot bath more consistently. And nothing heats your home quicker or more comfortably than natural gas. 

Making Everyday Life Better

Natural gas cooktops In Your Kitchen
Entertain your guests with gourmet meals that can only come from natural gas cooktops and ovens.

Natural gas water heaters In Your Bathroom
Heat things up with gas-powered radiant heat flooring and hot water, courtesy of your gas water heater.
Natural gas logs In Your Family Room
Something is in the air – like heat from your cozy gas fireplace or energy efficient gas furnace.

Natural gas dryers In Your Laundry Room
Get more for less with energy efficient gas dryers and hot water heaters.
Natural gas grills and fire pits For Your Outdoor Room
Hot ideas for cool spaces, from gas lighting to outdoor fireplaces.

Natural gas is the choice for many homeowners because it's reliable. Many natural gas appliances work even when the power's out. Learn more about the reliability of natural gas.

Warm Up Your Home Today
Talk to your builder or remodeling contractor about adding the comfort and convenience of natural gas products and appliances to your dream home, or contact SCE&G to make the switch to natural gas.

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