Natural Gas Logs
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Natural gas logs allow you to experience the beauty and warmth of a real wood fire – without all the real wood hassles. And remember, they're always ready, even during a power outage!

Check out the benefits of natural gas logs:

  • Provide clean-burning fire that's ready at the flip of a switch or remote
  • Offer instant ambiance
  • Burn cleaner, plus there's no wood to haul or messy ashes to deal with
  • Provide warmth even when the power is out

Choose between vented and vent-free, depending on how much heat is needed. The vent-free option provides more heat and is more energy-efficient.

Vented Natural Gas Logs
Vented logs are designed for use in a traditional, vented fireplace with a chimney or flue. They are frequently used for decorative purposes because of their large, realistic flames, but they don't provide as much heat as vent-free natural gas logs.

Vent-Free Natural Gas Logs
Vent-free logs allow you to make a cozy fire almost anywhere in the house, even if there is no vent or chimney. They provide more heat and are more energy efficient than the vented style.

Natural gas logs are more realistic than ever. Those that appear to be true wood are fashioned from real trees in a wide variety of wood types. Many are even split and charred. And some manufactures are now simulating the crackling wood sound for an even more authentic fire and rock that give off that reddish-orange "coal glow."

Make the Switch
Contact SCE&G today, and we'll help you make the switch to natural gas.  If you are considering gas logs for your home, check out home improvement stores and specialty retailers in your area.

Learn more about why to choose natural gas products.

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