Natural Gas Clothes Dryers
Natural gas provides fast, wrinkle-free, energy efficient clothes drying.

Take a look at some of the benefits of doing laundry with a natural gas dryer:

  • Faster clothes drying means less time spent on laundry
  • Natural gas models are more economical than electric models, drying clothes nearly twice as fast
  • Easier on fabrics because clothes are dried quicker and at specific temperatures to adequately evaporate water from the fabric

What to Look For
When choosing a natural gas clothes dryer, look for features such as:

  • Pilotless ignition and automatic shutoff -- find models that offer electronic sensor drying. They use an electronic moisture-sensing device that "feels" the degree of moisture in the clothes. When the degree of dryness selected is reached, the dryer automatically shuts off.
  • Automatic cool-down -- a timed interval at the end of the drying cycle when tumbling continues with the heat off to reduce wrinkling of heat-sensitive synthetic fabrics and no-iron finishes.
  • Stackable washer-dryer combinations -- even if you’re short on space, you can enjoy the efficiency of natural gas with one of these space-saving appliances.

Important hint: when installing a new dryer, vent it to the outside to carry moisture-laden air out of your home. Flexible venting is not recommended; it tends to obstruct air flow and collects lint in its grooves.

Make the Switch
Contact SCE&G today, and we’ll help you make the switch to natural gas. If you are considering gas logs for your home, check out home improvement stores and specialty retailers in your area.

Learn more about why to choose natural gas products.

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