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Natural gas water heaters
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When it comes to water heating, natural gas can't be beat for ample supply and fast recovery. A natural gas water heater in your home will ensure that you have plenty of hot water for bathing, and for washing clothes and dishes. You can count on natural gas to deliver the hot water you need when and where you want it.

More and more homeowners have discovered that there's just no substitute for natural gas water heat. In today's competitive housing market, homebuyers are looking for, and insisting on, natural gas. Why? Because natural gas water heaters:

  • are more cost effective
  • provide more durability
  • heat water twice as fast as electric models
  • supply hot water even during power outages

So whether you are looking to buy a home or build a home, consider the quality, value and reliability of natural gas water heating.

Tankless Water Heating
Get hot water when you want and only when you want it. A tankless water heater heats water only as it is used. Rather than holding water in a tank like a conventional water heater, the tankless heater circulates water through a burner that heats the water as it passes through. The result is that you only pay to heat water when you need it and for as long as you want it. Although electric power is necessary to operate a tankless system, and tankless units may cost more than most conventional water heaters, they're cheaper to operate because energy isn't required to maintain a large tank of hot water 24 hours a day.

Learn More About Tankless Water Heaters (PDF, 2.3MB) 

Water Heating
With natural gas water heating, you won't worry about running out of hot water. That's because natural gas water heaters heat water about 50 percent faster than most electric models, giving you plenty of hot water whenever you need it, even if the power is out.

Select a Natural Gas Water Heater for Your Home
Choose which type of natural gas water heater will work best for your home based on energy efficiency, operating costs and purchase price.

Water heating, one of the largest energy expenses in your home, can account for 14%-25% percent of your utility bill. Look for a natural gas water heater with the highest Energy Factor (EF) to ensure that it has high energy efficiency, which can cut operating costs over the life of the heater.

The larger your family, the larger the water heater you may need. A typical family of four would most likely require a 40-gallon gas water heater. Consider a natural gas water heater with fast recovery; this will replace hot water faster so that there is a larger supply available at any given time.

Choose a Plumber or Contractor
When making the decision to go with gas water heat, talk to a licensed plumber or contractor first. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are you a licensed plumber/contractor?
  • Do you have a list of references?
  • How often do you install gas water heaters?
  • How much will it cost for installation?

Make the Switch
Contact SCE&G today, and we’ll help you make the switch to natural gas. If you are considering a gas water heater for your home, check out home improvement stores and specialty retailers in your area.

Ask your builder or plumber for a natural gas water heater today.

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