Natural Gas Grills
Ready, Set, Grill
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Enjoy outdoor cooking at its best with a natural gas grill. There are no tanks to fill, and there is no charcoal to clean up — just great meals ready to be served.

Take a look below at some of the benefits of natural gas grills:

  • Grill on a moment's notice without ever running out of fuel
  • Serves as an attractive addition to any outdoor area
  • Provides the ability to cook outdoors year-round
  • Eliminates using heavy tanks and messy charcoal

Today's quick-connect options mean that natural gas grills can be placed almost anywhere, including mounting them in-ground or on a deck or cart – which also allows the grill to be moved when not in use.

Grill Myths Uncovered
How do you find a top-quality grill that sizes up to the competition? Check out the following "Grill Myths" for some true insight into what a superior grill is made of.

Myth: Stainless steel grills are magnetic.
High grade stainless steel is not magnetic, but a lower quality stainless steel with lower nickel content will attract a magnet. Consider grills with lid tops and burners made from high quality, non-magnetic stainless steel.

Myth: Grills house bacteria from previously cooked food.
The heat generated from your grill will likely kill any existing bacteria inside the grill itself. Cleaning the grill grate while hot and then closing the grill will cook away potential bacteria. A grill with 40,000 Btu or more of cooking power will help to ensure that the cooking area inside the grill is hot enough to be nearly self-cleaning.

Myth: Flipping or prodding your grilled food makes it tough.
Overcooking meats in particular, contributes to the food tasting rubbery. Flipping your grilled food ensures that the item cooks more evenly. A grill with cast stainless steel or cast iron cooking grids will give your food those clever grill lines and give your meal that scrumptious look.

Make the Switch
Contact SCE&G today, and we'll help you make the switch to natural gas. If you are considering a natural gas grill for your home, check out home improvement stores and specialty retailers in your area.

Learn more about why to choose natural gas products. 

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