Net Metering & Renewable Generation Options

You’ve made the commitment to produce energy at your home or business, now it’s time to choose the metering plan that works best for you.

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Residential Metering Options for Renewable Generation
  Offset/Net Buy All/Sell All
Will I need a new meter? Yes.
A bi-directional meter that reads electricity bought and electricity credited will be installed.
This option requires two meters – one to read energy sold and one to read energy purchased.
Can I sell excess energy? No. 
You will receive a credit for any excess energy at the same energy rate as your current electric service.
Under this option, you will sell all generated energy to SCE&G.
Are there specific rates tied to this plan? No.
No. This option is available for all residential rates.

Yes and no.
You will sell energy on Rate PR-1 and may buy energy at a rate of your choice.
Are there any extra fees tied to this plan? No
Rate 7 does however, include a demand charge per KW for the 15 minute period of maximum usage during the month.
Rate PR-1 includes a monthly seller charge of $4.50.
Is this plan eligible for Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE) credits? No. Yes.
Contact PaCE to apply. Please send your contact information and a description of your renewable generator to:

220 Operation Way
Cayce, SC 29033-3701
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