Custom Incentives

Custom Incentives

Get customized incentives for complex, site-specific energy efficiency projects.

To provide maximum flexibility for commercial and industrial customers, SCE&G offers financial incentives for complex, site-specific projects that reach beyond the energy efficiency measures covered by SCE&G’s prescriptive applications. Custom projects must be able to demonstrate specific and verifiable energy savings and costs, typically developed by a third-party consulting/engineering firm. SCE&G will calculate incentive levels on a project-by-project basis, per customer facility per calendar year.

For Custom projects, financial incentives are available to cover up to 50% of the labor and material costs for retrofit projects or up to 75% of the incremental material costs for new construction projects; major renovation projects where the customer has had all the equipment, fixtures, and systems removed; and projects where the existing equipment or systems are at the end of their useful life. For all project types, the incentive is capped so the project’s post-incentive payback is not less than 1.5 years. These incentives are meant to encourage customers to go beyond what they would have without incentives.

The aim of the Custom offering is to encourage a higher level of equipment efficiency than the baseline. Therefore, all energy and cost calculations are performed by comparing the baseline equipment or system to the proposed high-efficiency equipment or system. Applicants must provide detailed information on the baseline system. Baselines are different for retrofit projects versus new construction, major renovation and end of life replacement projects as summarized in the table below.

Custom Baseline by Project Type

New construction, major renovation and end of life
The existing equipment/system
Code or standard practice
Baseline Energy
Current consumption
Minimum-efficiency compliant equipment or system usage
Baseline Cost
Minimum-efficiency compliant equipment or system usage

The following documents provide additional assistance to help customers and trade allies develop various custom projects. Our recommendation is to download and review these documents in conjunction with engaging an EnergyWise Account Manager so that the guides can be properly interpreted and utilized. Since every custom project is unique, an Account Manager can provide project-specific feedback to ensure submission of a thorough application package.

Quick Custom Project Guide (861KB)
Energy Management System (861KB)

For a more detailed explanation on determining the baseline, please download the document below.
 Baseline Information (159KB)

Reward yourself! Click here to download the custom application or give us a call at 1-877-784-7234 or email  

 Application (620KB)

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