Lighting Solution FAQs
  1. What happens if I have the light(s) removed or I move before the end of the contract date?
    If you terminate your service prior to the contract date, you will be responsible for paying a termination for the light, as stated in your contract. We will waive the termination charge if a new resident signs an agreement taking over the light.
  2. What happens if I have the light(s) removed or I move after the end of the contract date?
    Once the contract date is over, you will still be responsible for the monthly lease charge but will not be subject to the termination fees if you decide to have the light removed or if you move.
  3. Will the light(s) make my electric bill go up?
    Leased lights are not connected to your meter and, therefore, your electric meter charges are not affected by the lights.
  4. What does the monthly lease charge cover?
    The monthly lease charge covers standard maintenance, electric use, and repairs.
  5. Can I have a light(s) installed and share the monthly lease charge with my neighbors?
    SCE&G no longer offers "shared lighting". Private lighting and subdivision lighting must be charged to an individual resident or Homeowner's Association.
  6. What if I do not want to sign a contract for 5 years?
    If you do not want to sign a contract for the five years, but you still need a light installed; you can pay the installation fee up front and have the light installed. However, you will still be billed monthly lease charges for the fixture and pole.
  7. Can I have a light that I can turn on and off as needed?
    SCE&G only offers dusk-to-dawn lighting at this time.
  8. I don't like any of the lights in the brochure, can I get a different light?
    SCE&G trys to offer a variety of the most popular and stylish lights. However, in order to maintain repair and replacement parts, we keep the number manageable so as to provide the best service possible. Therefore, if none of the lights we offer appeal to you, we will provide a metered point of service so you can power your own lighting system.
  9. Why was my lighting project denied by SCE&G?
    SCE&G must abide by lighting ordinances imposed by the governmental agency having juristiction over the area. There are times when these ordinances make it difficult or impossible to properly light an area. When that occurs, we suggest the customer install their own lighting system.
  10. Why is the light from some fixtures yellow and white from others? The yellow lights are high pressure sodium (HPS) and the white are either mercury vapor or metal halide. The HPS lights are the most energy efficient in terms of light per watt while metal halide offers better color rendering of illuminated objects. Mercury vapor lights are no longer offered as new installations due to governmental regulation.
  11. How much would it cost to have my light relocated to another part of my property?
    Relocation costs depend on a lot of things. Costs are dependent on whether we must trench or bore the ground to be able to serve the new location and how far the new location is from the old. It is best to contact the Lighting Coordinator in your area so that you request can be evaluated.
  12. Do I always have to lease the pole from SCE&G?
    You do have to lease a pole from SCE&G unless we are able to mount an overhead fixture on an existing SCE&G Electric Pole.
  13. Can I buy a light or pole from SCE&G?
    No. SCE&G does not sell lighting fixtures or poles. There is only a lease option for our fixtures and poles.
  14. What is the difference between the High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide?
    The two can be distinguished by their color. The High Pressure Sodium is a yellow, amber, or gold color light and the Metal Halide is a white or blue color light.

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