This method differs slightly from the offset/sell plan in that customers are paid the same rate for excess energy sold as they pay for energy purchased. In the event that the customer generates enough electricity to exceed their energy needs for the month, they will be credited for the excess on the next month’s bill.

All customer generated energy flows directly into the home or business with any excess energy sold to SCE&G. SCE&G will supply energy as needed.

The rate used for this option is Rate 7 for residential customers and Rate 28 for small commercial customers, a Time-of-Use rate with a demand component. As in previous plans, energy bought or sold is priced according to the time of day it is generated.

In addition to energy charges, customers will also be charged a demand fee for the 15 minute period at which they use the most energy during the billing cycle – their peak demand period. Those who use more energy at one time will have a higher demand and will therefore pay more; those who decrease their maximum usage may be able to lower their monthly bill.

The purpose of this rate is to encourage customers to change their habits, reducing the amount of energy used at one time to achieve maximum energy efficiency. View the Rider to Rates 7 and 28 for more details.
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