Customers selecting this option will offset their energy needs with their own electricity, while also having the option of selling any excess generation back to SCE&G. This plan requires the installation of a bi-directional meter, which tracks the energy purchased from the company, as well as any excess energy sold, to provide the customer with one monthly bill.

All customer generated energy flows directly into the home or business, with any excess electricity sold to SCE&G. SCE&G will supply energy as needed.

Through the offset/sell plan, customers purchase energy from SCE&G under a small commercial rate of their choice and sell excess electricity under Rate PR-1. On this rate, customers are paid based on the time of day the excess energy is generated, since electricity is more valuable at times when demand is greatest (on-peak) and less so when demand is lower (off-peak). Therefore, customers will receive a higher rate for excess electricity generated during on-peak periods and a lower rate during off-peak times.

In the event the customer generates enough electricity to exceed their energy needs for the month, they will be credited for the excess. View the Rider to Rate PR-1 for more details.
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