Outage Reporting Text Messaging

Register for Outage
Text Messaging...
via text from your cell phone 
(as described below) or
via your online account

If you are a residential electric customer or small/medium business commercial customer, you can now report power outages and check outage status via text messaging from your text-enabled cell phone/mobile device. Standard message and data rates apply. Frequency varies by user.

It’s Easy to Register for Outage Texting
To report power outages and check outage status via text, you must first register your text-enabled cell phone number to your SCE&G account.

Register via Online Account
To register your cell phone via your online account, go to Account Options, scroll down to Activate Text Options, select “Add a mobile device”, and follow the instructions. 

Don’t have an online account? Register for an online account.

Register via Text Message
To register your cell phone via text:

  • Start a new text message in your cell phone.
  • Enter the text-to number 467234 (gosceg), then press "OK" or enter.
  • Type “Reg” “account number” “nickname” (without quotes, not case sensitive).
    Example: Reg 0001000001000 home
  • Send the message.

Report a Power Outage via Text
After your cell phone is registered, you can report a power outage via text:

  • Start a new text message in your cell phone.
  • Enter the text-to number 467234 (gosceg), then press "OK" or enter.
  • Type "Out" (without quotes, not case sensitive). If you have multiple accounts, type “Out” followed by “account nickname”. Example: Out home 
  • Send the message.

Check Outage Status via Text
You can also check an outage status by following the steps above, but type “Status” (without quotes, not case sensitive) instead of “Out”.

Note: We have made reporting outages via text convenient for you. However, there are times when it is best to call. Please call, and do not send a text message to report the following:

Downed/Sparking power lines: 1-888-333-4465
Gas leaks: 1-800-815-0083

Complete List of Keywords
(not case sensitive)
Reg Register an account for the texting service (opt-in) or add a phone to a registered account
Nick Modify the nickname for a registered account
Out Report a total power outage
Status Request an outage status update
Stop / Quit / End / Cancel / Unsubscribe Opt-out of the texting service
Dereg This, along with the account nickname, will remove a mobile phone number from a registered account
Info Provides website URL where you can find registration guidance
Out cancel Cancel an active outage request
Key Receive a list of valid keyword commands
Help Receive contact information regarding outage reporting

For help with text messaging, related to registering, reporting outages, or checking outage status, contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-251-7234.

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