Storm Safety

Be prepared before, during and after a storm. Below are some helpful resources and tips to help keep you and your family safe.

   Storm Emergency Kit Checklist
(164KB, PDF)


Before the storm:

  • Talk with children about storms and how you are preparing to keep them safe.
  • Assign an emergency meeting place in case your family gets separated.
  • Write down the important points in your plan so it's clear who will handle each task.
  • Identify a "safe room" where your family can take cover.
  • Check that SCE&G has your correct phone number on file for reporting power outages. 

During the storm:

  • Talk or read to your children. Explain what is happening.
  • Stay indoors and away from windows.
  • Turn off and unplug any non-essential electrical equipment in your home. Power surges can damage electronic equipment.
  • Use supplemental generators with extreme caution. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Visit our Safety During Power Outages page to learn more about generator safety.
  •  Report power outages online or call 1-888-333-4465.

After the storm:

  • Use caution when moving around your house and the outdoors.
  • Watch your children closely.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and the water puddles near these lines. Call to report emergencies such downed power lines at 1-888-333-4465.
  • Stay tuned to local news for weather updates.
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