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SCE&G is becoming Dominion Energy

Are you interested in developing a solar project and interconnnecting it with SCE&G's system? Use the South Carolina Public Service Commission-approved processes below. Note that these processes pertain only to interconnection. For information on how to sell power back to SCE&G, please visit Solar For Your Business.

Fast Track Process

Eligibility is based upon the generator type, size, voltage of the line and the location of the Point of Interconnection. Generators greater than 2 MW or connecting to lines greater or equal to 25 kV are ineligible.

Study Process

This process is used for all systems that are ineligible or fail the Inverter Process or Fast-Track Process.

Application Fees

Generator Capacity Process Application Fee
> 20 kW to 100 kW Fast Track $250
> 100 kW to 2 MW Fast Track $500
> 2 MW Study $10,000 deposit + $1 per kWac of generator capacity


Steps for Interconnecting

  1. Review Procedures & Guidelines

  2. Complete Application Forms

    • Pre-Application Request (Optional)

      Complete this optional form to receive valuable information on the SCE&G system at your desired Point of Interconnection. This helps you preliminarily evaluate your site without incurring the expense of preparing a full Interconnection Request.

    • Interconnection Request Application

      Provide SCE&G information about the generating facility you would like to interconnect.

  3. Send Completed Applications and Fees

    You may e-mail signed documents as PDF files or mail them with application fee to the appropriate address below:

    For Systems > 20 kW to 1MW
    SCE&G Renewable Energy Team
    220 Operation Way (Mail Code JSOL)
    Cayce, SC 29033

    For Systems > 1 MW
    SCE&G Transmission Support Team
    220 Operation Way (Mail Code J-36)
    Cayce, SC 29033

  4. Receive Queue Number from SCE&G

    The queue number is used to determine the priority for interconnection service and the cost responsibility for the upgrades necessary to accommodate the interconnection. A lower queue number will be studied prior to a higher one.

  5. Receive Approval of Application

    Receive approval from SCE&G to interconnect your system and execute an Interconnection Agreement.

  6. Inspection and Final Approval

    After testing, and upon successful inspection by SCE&G, receive final approval from SCE&G to energize your system.

  7. Use System

    You may now begin commercial operation.

Questions & Answers

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The SCGIP is for Qualifying Facilities that intend to sell the full output to SCE&G.  All other generating facilities connecting to the SCE&G system should apply under SCE&G’s Open Access Transmission Tariff utilizing the SGIP or the LGIP. Refer to SCE&G’s OASIS website.


Pre-Application Requests are optional.  However, a Pre-Application Report can provide valuable information on the SCE&G system that can be utilized to evaluate interconnection sites without incurring the expense of preparing a full Interconnection Request.

Pre-Application Reports provide only a snap-shot of the requested portion of the SCE&G system at the time of the report.  A Pre-Application Request does not establish a queue position in the SCE&G Interconnection Queue. 

If your project fails the Fast Track Process, it can be evaluation under a Supplemental Review Process or the Study Process, whichever is applicable to your specific project.

Fast Track Application Fees are intended to offset SCE&G’s cost of evaluating interconnection requests.  Application Fees are not refundable.

Study Deposits are intended to offset SCE&G’s cost of evaluating and interconnecting generation projects.  SCE&G will track the costs associated with an individual project.  After the project’s completion, SCE&G will reconcile the cost to the deposit(s) provided.  SCE&G will refund any over-collected amounts.  If the costs exceed the deposit(s), the Interconnecting Customer will be invoiced for the remaining balance.