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SCE&G is becoming Dominion Energy

SCE&G is committed to providing safe, reliable power to our customers. This sometimes requires that we build and/or upgrade the electric facilities. We have an obligation to ensure that our distribution and transmission systems comply with federally-mandated criteria. This includes the maintenance of rights of way, the strips of land where we have easement rights from property owners to install the lines and equipment necessary to deliver electricity.

SCE&G owns and operates an extensive network of 22,000 miles of high-voltage power lines that help ensure a continuous, reliable flow of electricity from generating stations to our customers and neighboring utilities.

By investing in the resiliency of our electrical system, we continue to build a stronger electric grid to continue to provide our customers with reliable service for years to come.

SCE&G currently has the following distribution project(s) under way:

SCE&G currently has the following transmission project(s) under way: