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SCE&G Announces Plan for Seasonal Operating Range of Lake Murray

Cayce, S.C. (Sept. 29, 2017) – SCE&G plans to operate Lake Murray throughout the fall and winter within a target range of 354 to 358 feet. This is consistent with SCE&G’s recent normal lake operating range during the fall and winter seasons, when rain levels are typically greater than those of the spring and summer months.

“We want to be sure that Lake Murray residents are aware of the potentially lower lake level so they can proactively plan to protect their boats and other recreational equipment,” said Jim Landreth, Vice President of Fossil Hydro Operations for SCE&G. “While rain levels, tributary inflows and other factors will determine the exact level of the lake at any given time, residents should still plan accordingly for a low normal operating range throughout this fall and winter.”

SCE&G has no plans this year to conduct a drawdown of Lake Murray, a process which would take the lake down to approximately 350 feet. 

SCE&G consistently monitors lake levels and water quality throughout the year. The information gathered from monitoring along with weather forecasts and historical data about the lake allow SCE&G to make well-informed decisions about lake levels from season to season.

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